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Acme Fire Cult is a live-fire concept from chefs Andrew Clarke and Daniel Watkins, born during the pandemic years when restaurants could only operate outside. Desperate to cook again after being locked down, the chefs dusted off some old barbecue grills, lit the fires, and cooked for up to 1200 people every weekend, in a disused carpark in Hackney, East London.

The formula was simple; loud music, grilled food (mostly vegetables) banging cocktails, and great service.


They had intended to cater events and parties, but when Steve Ryan of 40FT Brewery showed them an old wine bar opposite his taproom, the duo became a trio and Acme found a permanent home in the backstreets of Dalston.


Acme Fire Cult ‘the restaurant’ was born!


Much as it was with the pop-up, the restaurant is more akin to a BBQ party than a standard restaurant, with the kitchen outside on the covered terrace serving as a theatre of smoke and flames for outside diners. The music is loud, the vibe is lively, and yes, it will be smoky.


Inside, the atmosphere is a little quieter and more intimate, for guests who want a cosy, candle-lit dining room experience.

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Acme set out to do something different from the usual ‘dude food’ BBQ, so here vegetables are celebrated and take centre stage on the menu, focusing on organic and heirloom varieties, sourced micro-seasonally, across the UK. At least 50% of the menu is plant-based.


Meats come from select regenerative farms in the UK, always using native and rare breeds. Fish is sourced from small day boats on the south coast, hook & line caught where possible. 


The menu is designed for sharing, but it can also accommodate solo diners, with lunch deals and specials available throughout the week.

In addition to the outside kitchen, Acme has a small ferment lab, which produces the house ancho hot sauce, misos, kimchis, and ferments from by-products and excess waste.

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