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From the Greek akmē  - The point at which something is at its best or most highly developed.

Acme Fire Cult is a live-fire concept from chefs Andrew Clarke & Daniel Watkins, which began in the spring of 2021 after a successful residency at ‘London Fields Courtyard’ in Hackney, just as the UK came out of national lockdown. Maybe they were in the right place at the right time, but word got around quickly, and the duo was soon cooking for up to 1200 people every weekend, including many industry friends and colleagues.


From their new home base at The Bootyard in Dalston, Acme set out to do something different from the usual ‘dude food’ BBQ. Here the vegetables take centre stage, with rare & native breed meat from regenerative farms, and day-boat fish taking a supporting role.  Their inspiration is pulled from around the globe, evident in their grilling and fermentation techniques as well as their heavy use of chili and spices.


While the landscape for restaurants after covid is still unsettled, the chefs wanted to be more than just a pop-up, looking for a permanent home. The true heart of Acme Fire Cult is unique, limited run sauces, mico-seasonal ferments, and some of the coolest outdoor lifestyle wear around. Acme’s other main focus is on events and...oh yea, and a restaurant.


Signature plant-based sauces and condiments will soon be available online, some killer merch is already up for grabs, and events are currently being scheduled for 2022-2023. Making it more than just a restaurant… it’s a cult!

Photos by Steve Ryan & James Moyle 

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